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Why Us

We born 3 years ago with the purpose of being the best. Now, our brand is symbol of the city, of reliable and security. You can find it in many tourist points because with all of them we manage excellent commercial relationships. In addition, our services have been developing based on customers, with unequaled products and with precise and effective execution.

We are synonymous of excellence, we offer the best services of the city at reasonable prices.

There are innovative products, new product cathegories and communication channels available.

Our office is well located in the middle of tourism activities in #LaCandelaria. You have the necesary support when you need.

We comply with all regulations and laws, preparated with all the paper that goverment needs.

Our Team

Our excellent services are based on excellent people. Our great team is compoused for people who love the city, young soul and experience. Our requirement: Passion.

Get in Touch

We are all the time connected, understanding you want quick responses and the best service ever. Let us know:

Phone & WA: +57321 482 0537  Email: info@bogotapass.com

Contact us from Skype: bogota.pass             Phone office: +57031 744 3897

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