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Where is located Bogotá? Is Colombia and Bogotá safe? Weather? Bogota´s Map?  Which airlines operate in Colombia? You, like many others, have doubts and we may help you. In this section, you will find basic information that will help you to know about Bogotá.


Bogotá is a large city where you could find many different ways of tourism. You could enjoy walking in Candelaria plentty of history, cultural and gastronomical relevant points. Also, if you want to know the modern part of the city you will find shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs and business issues. Very important is the green area with botanical garden, parks and many relax places around. But if you like other plans, go to the metropolitan area and visit the salt Cathedral, Mines in Nemocón, coffee farms in the south or Dorado legend Lagoon (etc). In general, Bogota is a cosmopolitan city where you can find many sights for everybody.

cosmopolitan city

Tourism and visitors who look for: Cultural, historical, experiencial, natural, parties, shopping, gastronomical, rural, LGBTI

Highlights Bogota

  • Founded by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, 1538 ac
  • 2.600 above the sea (a plateau at Andes mountains)
  • 10M+ inhabitans
  • Bogotá has more than 6 touristic areas
  • Our public transportation is Transmilenio (buses)
  • More than 100 shopping malls
  • 5 gastronomic areas


Let´s see and take some recommendation about our climate.

Average temperature: 14°C (57°F)

Maximun temp.: 23°C (73°F)

Minimum temp.: 5°C (41°F)

public transport systems

Transpotation issues

Bogotá is the capital and has multiple public transport systems: Transmilenio, SITP, traditional buses, Taxis and Uber (promo code: RQIFJ). Transmilenio a SITPs are paid with a smart card (previous payment) and other buses are with cash. Taxis in general are paid with cash and they have a TaxiMeter (units), so people see units and also a table where they have changed for money. There are some APPs for yellow cabs allow credict card payment and easy booking. Also we have UBER, however it is not “legal”, there are many problems against the drivers and the system.


For more information, please go travel ideas.

Types of tourism

How to locate in Bogota

The numbering or the streets is based on a grid: the “calles” run from east to west, perpendicular to the hills (east). Calle 1 is close to oldtown increses going to the north (ex: calle 93) but also to the south (ex: calle 93sur)

The “carreras” are roads running from south to north parallel to the hills. Numbering to the west starts at Carrera 1 and increasing going to 140. Carrera 1 is near to Monserrate (mountain) and airport is carrera 130.

The Autopista NorteAutopista SurCalle 80Calle 13 are the main access roads to Bogotá.



Safety recommendations in Bogota

Bogota is mostly safe but as a big city, there are concerns, some tips:

  • Take a taxi at authorized sites and stands (shopping centersmuseumsrestaurants) or ask one through the taxi companies telephone numbers +57 (1) 211 11 11/311 11 11/2 222 111 or download mobile applications: Easy taxiTappsi or Taxis libres(IOS, Android and windows phone available)
  • Carry a copy of your passport or ID; leave the original in the safe of your hotel.
  • Preferably pay with your credit card. All shops in the malls, restaurants, museums and attractions accept credit cards. If you do not have one, we suggest you bring with you only the money you need for a day of activities. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us to provide all the information you need.
  • There is no restriction to carry money, so if someone comes up to you and identify themselves as police officer, immigration agent or any kind of authority please DO NOT give your money or valuables and come to the nearest police station or call the emergencie line 123.
  • All police officers, army, immigration officials and other authorities have uniform and all are properly identified. If you have doubts about any inappropriate activity please call the emergency line 123 or contact the nearest police station.
  • Before traveling to any city first consult the tourism websites, travel guides or any information material that may be of help.
  • Travel agencies like “Bogota pass” are very helpful to clear all your doubts and help you plan your trip.

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