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Why visiting Monserrate?
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Why visiting Monserrate?

Monserrate has been always one of the most important attractions in Bogotá, unfortunately some people don’t visit this amazing place because of different reasons.

Today we will show you some reasons why you must visit Monserrate when you come to Bogotá but first some history:

The history of Monserrate can be considered to begin in the 1620 to 1630, where the Cofradia de la Vera Cruz began using the Monserrate’s hill top, then known as the Snow hill top for religious celebration. As time passed, many devotees residents of Bogota began participating in the climb to the hill top, it wasn’t until 1650 that four gentlemen met with the Archbishop as well as Juan de Borga, the head of the Tribunal of Santafe in order to secure permission to build a small religious retreat on the mountain top. The founders of the retreat. The founders decided to establish the hermitage retreat in the name of Monserrat’s Morena Virgin whose sanctuary was located in Catalonia, near Barcelona, giving the entire mountain the name Monserrate. Some people believe Montserrat was chosen to be the patron saint, due to one of the founders, Pedro Solis having an uncle whom had previously served as abbot in the Montserrat sanctuary.

To get to Monserrate’s hill top you have 3 options like: funicular, cable car or if you feel dauntless, the pedestrian trail.

The funicular was built in 1926, and was completed in 1928. It was officially opened on August 18th, 1929. Since then, it has slowly made its way up Monserrate hill allowing one on its journey to admire the beautiful Andean scenery that serves as a carpet, accompanied by the soothing sound of birds which gives to the visitors a sense of calm and direct interaction with the surrounding nature.

On the other hand is the cable car whose construction began on August 13th, 1953 and was inaugurated on September 27th, 1955. With its large windows on all sides it offers a breathtaking view of the hill that contrasts with the beautiful panoramic views of the city. While passing slowly on the crown of the tall and dense trees’ vegetation, one gets a feeling of direct contact between the earth and the sky.

Finally is the pedestrian trail, one of the most old trails in Bogotá because people used it to get to the top before cable car and funicular as history tells. With 1034 steps is one of the most physically demanding trails in Bogota because the altitude and the tilt . A good challenge for a pilgrim.

On the top you will find a beautiful bogotá landscape and Guadalupe aswell. About the sanctuary we can tell you that in 1656 Father Rojas had been assigned management of the sanctuary ordered a carving of a crucifix and a statue of Jesus Christ after being take off the cross, earning it the name” El Señor caido.” Originally, these sculptures were placed inside a small chapel dedicated to the adoration of Christ instead of being placed inside the religious retreat itself. As time passed, more and more people began visiting the sanctuary in order to see the statue of Jesus, rather than the matron saint of Monserrat. By the 19th century, the “El Señor Caido” Statue had gained so much attraction, that the Sculpture to the Virgin of Montserrat was removed from as the center piece of the sanctuary and replaced with “El Señor Caido” however, the mountain has retained the name Monserrate to this day. Ever since then, for more than four centuries, pilgrims and citizen have hiked the mountain to offer their prayers to the shrine of “El Señor Caido”.

But not all there is religion because there are 2 restaurants known as: Santa clara (an old house located in Usaquén brought brick by brick in 1979) specialized in bogotanian typical food. And the other one is Casa San Isidro: a stylized restaurant with a wonderful decoration an a french-mediterranean menu.

For the beautiful landscapes, delicious dishes, the tranquility and the contact with nature and more and more reasons you must not miss visit Monserrate remembering that only with us you can get special discounts in tickets and preferecial lines.

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