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Why choose Bogotá
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Why choose Bogotá

UNESCO recognized Bogotá three years ago as one of the 35 cities in the world that are part of the Network of Creative Cities due to its wide range of museums, libraries, literature, film, dance, plastic arts, architecture and other attractions that people want to find when they come to a new city.

In addition, thanks to its strategic location, it becomes an important point that allows the link between the countries of the north and south of the hemisphere counting with excellent aerial connectivity. It is home to important festivals with national and international recognition, such as Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro and Feria Internacional del Libro and finally Bogota is known worldwide as a tourist destination, occupying the position 21 of 53 according to newspaper  The New York Times.

Bogota chooseBogotá is experiencing a process of constant changes and advances in urban, economic, social, cultural, infrastructure aspects that make this city an excellent opportunity to explore by tourists and locals.

The places to enjoy in Bogota are innumerable for all ages and tastes in order to offer unique and unforgettable experiences. Among them we can mention: The historic center, located in the neighborhood La Candelaria, characteristic for its narrow streets and colonial houses that represent and recall the culture and tradition of Bogota. In addition, bring together most of the historic sites, this area blends with the modernity of commerce, universities and residential projects. This reason has led to position itself as one of the most preserved historical centers in Latin America.

Also, there is the Teatro Colón, whose architecture and decoration is inspired by the Teatro Garnier in Paris. This venue is used for concerts, plays and dance shows, among others. Also you can visit the Gold Museum where the collection has been declared a National Monument and considered the most important in the world in pieces of goldsmithery and pottery of native cultures of the American continent.

At the east of the central zone is the Cerro de Monserrate, symbol par excellence of Bogota and a place of religious pilgrimage. It has two luxurious restaurants, Casa San Isidro and Santa Clara, which offer a variety of national and international dishes. On the other hand, the city has the Tourist Train of the Savannah of Bogota that makes weekends and holidays from downtown Bogota to Jaime Duque Park, Zipaquirá and sometimes to Nemocón.

Bogota has a great variety of offers of five star hotels to a diversity of accommodations or inns for tourists. In terms of gastronomy and nightlife, Bogota has a big portfolio in restaurant, café bar, skyscrapers and bars that include national and international dishes.

Additionally in the outskirts of Bogota you have the option to know places of interest such as the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá considered the First Wonder of Colombia. This monument is built 180 meters underground in a large salt mine. In the depth of the majestic cathedral there is a gigantic mirror of water of 80 meters that offers a unique optical effect. In the same area is Guatavita, where it is presumed on the legends of the natives who inhabited much of this territory known as the Legend of the Dorado.

Visit one of the magical villages of Colombia: Villa de Leyva surrounded by mountains and a beautiful desert, has become a place to visit outside Bogota. It is part of the 17 heritage towns and gathers the colonial essence and traditions of the Spanish legacy.

All these reasons make Bogota a destination of international competition and arouse your interest in exploring it. With our agency Bogota Pass we can offer you experiential tours and according to your needs to be in your memory as the best trip you have taken.


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