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What to do at nights in Bogotá
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What to do at nights in Bogotá

Do not you know what to do at night in Bogotá?

Bogotá is a wonderful city, you have many things to do. At night, the city is totally transformed. During the day it is a city that moves business people, working al the time, stress, traffic jums, etc. At night, Bogota is a place where you can enjoy different shapes, find areas to spend with family, with friends, to enjoy the Bogotanian rumba and romantic places.

For people who enjoy good food, we can have as an option ZONA G, which is located in an exclusive sector of the city in the area of streets ​​67 to 72. There you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in town with unique dishes and flavors concerning various parts of the world. Also in this area, you’ll find several hotels and places for staying with different moods. Other places where you can enjoy good food, you should visit the Parque de la 93 and Usaquén area.

Some recommended along these areas places: Harry Sasson, Club Colombia Restaurant, el Cielo, Criterion and others.

For people who want to relax and enjoy the Bogotá party, we recommend the Zona Rosa of Bogotá. You find Bar-restaurants and clubs of all kinds where you can enjoy with your friends, meet new people and have a good time. Places like Andrés Carne de Res, Armando Record and Guaira Café Cumbia House.

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