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What Bogotá hides
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What Bogotá hides

In addition to the Gold Museum, Botero, Monserrate and others shown in the guides there are other museums and attractions that are not so visited such as: the Museum of Bogotá, House Museum Francisco José de Caldas, Candelaria theater, Faenza theater, museum sea, Archaeological Museum, House of Poetry Silva, La Concordia marketplace or National archives.

With the best travel agency in Bogotá: Bogotá Pass can meet the most well-known sites, but also show you what La Candelaria hides for you to discover all its charm.

Each one of them hides a story worth telling and known by visitors. The historic center is a magical place that evokes those colonial times with its narrow cobbled streets where people walked to his favorite restaurant or theater or simply to have a good time.

Evenings at “Faenza” theater ended well with a delicious cup of hot chocolate in “La Florida”, a place decorated with beautiful wood finishes where the Bogotá aristocracy gathered to talk. Nowadays it is at your disposal to try the delights of the Bogotá food.

In other areas of the city you can find the central cemetery, the Independence Park and the Bavaria park located in the International Center near La Candelaria.

To the north we find the national park frequented by the politician Jorge Eliecer Gaitan in 1948 to give his speeches to his followers. The park is located near the Javeriana University and its interior has a theater that presents works for children on weekends

At 72th Street is the “Quebrada la vieja” a path and a small creek where people can get in touch with nature being very near the city. It is a very nice option for walking, bird watching and escape the routine and noise of the city.

To the west are the Teusaquillo neighborhood and “La soledad”; places where you can walk and see English architecture houses built in the early 20th century.

Remember that with Bogotá Pass you can know the entire city, its landmarks and others who do not know, making your visit an unique experience.


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