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What Bogotá hides
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What Bogotá hides

Bogotá has a lot to see and visit places like la Candelaria neighborhood, a place where Colombian history comes alive in its cobbled streets and colorful colonial houses in which you can enjoy amazing restaurants, bars with all kinds of music, theatres, hostels, B&Bs, hotels, handicraft stores and places like the Quevedo stream, which is a little square surrounded by restaurants, handicraft stores, and it’s also a cultural place where you can listen to some music, poetry, or storytellers, downtown we also have the famous and unbelievable Gold Museum, the Botero museum, Monserrate and other places usually shown in city guides, some not so famous places are: the Museum of Bogotá, the Francisco José de Caldas House Museum, the Candelaria theater, the Faenza theater, the sea museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Silva house of Poetry, the san Alejo flea market and La Concordia marketplace in downtown, in other parts of the city you can find the Chicó museum, the Simón bolívar park a huge green space for relaxing or practicing some sports, Usaquén another colonial neighborhood with nice antique manors and incredible food, the T zone with its excellent restaurants and bars, la vieja creek a nice place to get in contact with nature,  Each one of them hides a piece of history and interesting stories for you to discover. To sum up Bogotá is a city which you really have to live to discover all the wonderful places, activities and attractions it offers, don’t believe anybody’s words, come and see for yourself it for sure will be the best experience of your life! The only risk you’ll take is falling in love with one of the best and most incredible cities and countries in the whole world, and your adventure starts here with us in Bogotá pass!


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