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Walking through Avenida Jiménez
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Walking through Avenida Jiménez

Hello again, today we’re going to talk about Avenida Jiménez, one of the main streets in La Candelaria.


First of all, let us tell you that the street carries the name of the founder of Bogotá, the conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada. It marks the northern end of the historic center. It was built over the old San Francisco river running east to west down from the Andes to join the Bogotá river, a larger river, which in the early days was the natural city boundary.


The old herb market, now Parque Santander, on the other side of the river, became a center of urban development. As you go down Avenida Jiménez you will find civil and ecclesiastical republican-style buildings, some fine examples of colonial buildings, government offices, and universities in contrast with modern constructions, and the busy trade of jewerley shops, cafes, and traditional bookshops such as Lerner. On the corner of Carrera 7 there are traces of the tramlines used for public transportation in the first half of the last century.


At Carrera 3 is Parque de los Periodistas with a republican monument, the Templete al Libertador by Pietro Tenerani. This Eastern end of the avenue opens out around the walls of the Academia de la Lengua (The headquarters of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language)


Further up on the right is the Las Aguas Church, with its interesting open façade and a collection of colonial works of art inside.

The walk ends in the cloister, now the headquarters of the state craft organization (Artesanías de Colombia) and a craft exhibitions center.


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