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To Candelaria by bus from main bus terminal
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To Candelaria by bus from main bus terminal

Today Bogotá pass team will explain you how you get to La Candelaria using the public transportation from the main bus terminal or “terminal salitre” as local people know.

The terminal is located at the west part of the city in the “salitre” neighborhood near to ElDorado airport. The area is known also because there you will find “Maloka” an interactive, science and technology center and Salitre Plaza shopping center.

At main bus terminal you can take buses to different cities and small towns for instance: Cali, Medellin, Cartagena, Villa de Leyva, Armenia, Zipaquirá.

After this short informative overview of the terminal and its surroundings we’ll explain how to get to Candelaria using public transport.

When you arrive at terminal you will be at section 5 “arrivals”, walking through the door you will find a commercial area that includes: cafeterias, restaurants and the official taxi allocations. If you need the restrooms you have to go to section 4.

Passing the taxi allocations you will find the exit to the street; when you’re there please follow this indications because unfortunately there is no public transportation departing from there to Candelaria, you have to walk some blocks to take it.

1. Starting from gate 5 turn right and walk about 50 meters until a traffic intersection (on the left side corner you will find a gas station named “Esso”).

2.Please cross the intersection and turn left and walk three more blocks to the next traffic light. While you walking, on right handed you will find a drug store, pet store and some barbershops.

3. When you get there (last traffic light) you will find in front of you “Salitre Plaza” shopping mall and “La Esperanza” avenue. Please keep in mind that you have to take a west-east destination bus to get to Candelaria, therefore keep in mind the following routes numbers.

4. Before the routes please locate the nearest bus stop and wait for the following buses: a) Bus number “C135” route destination: Germania calle 26. b) Bus number: 603B route destination: Germania.

5. Remember that these kind of buses you can pay it in cash to the driver when you take it. Each ticket cost $2.000 COP so if you pay more than that please wait for the change.

6. Be aware that these buses don’t have a specific bus stop, therefore ask to the driver or any passenger to warn you when the bus gets to “Las Aguas” area in Candelaria.

7. On the other hand, if you have ever heard about transmilenio or SITP public transportation possibly you have “tu llave” card; if you have one you can use it in these following buses: “C135″ Germania or “603B” Germania.

8. To more information, please read “public transportation” on blog section or don’t hesitate in contact us to get any assistance.

Until next time!!

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