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Tips in Colombia
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Tips in Colombia

When people come to Bogota ask for which is the way to pay and the value of the tip for the service.

First of all the official currency in Colombia is the Colombian peso (COP) and the majority of products and services (restaurants, shops, transport, taxis) are paid in pesos, but some can be paid by credit card or another currency .

In stores and places where you can pay by credit card or other currencies must be a notice where what cards are received and how much is the rate at which foreign currency is received indicated. Eg: U$ 1 = $2.800 COP.

According to the law in Colombia tipping it is voluntary and the customer is not required to give it; the waiter or manager should ask if you want to include in the bill the value of the tip as extra charge.

However when the customer sees the service received deserves recognition, the customer can give a tip of 10% (in most cases) the value of the bill when it is in restaurants and other services.

For tourist services such as advice on travel agencies and guides that make the tours and other services suggested evaluate their service and on that basis to recognize or not with a tip that can sometimes be U$10 or whatever the customer want to give.

This allows the guides and advisers of tourist services are motivated and their work is recognized as quality service, responsible and concerned about the needs of customers.

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