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The cheapest way to eat in Bogotá
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The cheapest way to eat in Bogotá

Sometimes you don’t have money to spend in fancy restaurants and obviously in a fancy meal; you just want to eat something good but cheap.

Today we will give some option to enjoy a good and cheap meal. The price average for a local is $4.500 to $6.500 for a breakfast; $7.000 COP to $10.000 COP for a lunch and $6.000 to $12.000 for a dinner.

If you are in Candelaria you have a great advantage because there you can find a lot of delicious, cheap and good options throughout carrera 7 between Plaza de Bolivar and calle 24. This restaurants are known by locals like “corrientazos” places where salesman, delivery men, students and other locals go to have lunch between noon and 2pm.

The meal depends on the day; sometimes you will find in some restaurants: peas or pasta soup or you can change it for a plate with fresh fruit (papaya, banana or grapes). The main dish consist in fresh salad (tomatoes and lettuce), meat or chicken; potatoes and you can choose between pasta, beans, peas, lentils or chickpeas. Finally the lunch is completed with seasonal fruit juice or lemonade and maybe a candy as a dessert.

On the other hand if you are in the north area like zona T or zona rosa it will be more complicated to locate one, but don´t worry, because near to these areas you can find a “corrientazo” restaurant as well. To locate one of them just ask for example to a salesman in a store or maybe a street vendor where you can find this kind of restaurants because they go often to these places and know where are them.

There, the prices are more expensive than Candelaria’s, because zona rosa, zona T and its surroundings are exclusive areas where there are multinational offices, banking offices and embassies; therefore its employees can pay more for its meals. For that reason the lunch price average change a little more ($8.000 COP to $12.000 COP each).

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