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The best beer of the city
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The best beer of the city

Colombia is a country where people casually guzzling beer. There are different types of beer nationwide that are distinguished mainly by its taste and mark. In the brewing industry in Colombia, there is a monopoly of one of the most nationally recognized groups. BAVARIA, accounts for 99% of the country’s beer market with different brands within which can be found Club Colombia is one of the most popular of the city with a premium, Aguila, Poker, Redd’s among other concept. In this article I will talk about one of the best Beer of the city.

However, this time is changing, small businesses like BOGOTA BEER COMPANY, 3 CORDILLERAS and APOSTOL are offering microbrews that are characterized by a more concentrated flavor with fresh ingredients and processed manually. Typically, these beers can be purchased at supermarkets, chain stores, Pub’s city and in some specific locations of different brands.

In BOGOTA BEER COMPANY, you can enjoy a very colloquial atmosphere with good beer and also offer very Colombian accompaniments. For people who know and like beer, Bogota Beer Company offers tastings at different points of the city also offers a brewery tour at its plant in Tocancipá.

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