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Remove panic … Come to Bogota
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Remove panic … Come to Bogota

If you thought at some point that your trip can be obstructed by any eventuality that perhaps can not control due to the unpredictability of many activities to be performed, or feel fear thoughts that do seriously think about their decision to travel to a unknown destination, let me say that you have the same disease that most people have against a coming shift; however, you should not let it overwhelm your concerns and discourage their choice of enjoying a new place that vehemently never regret.

This poor unfortunate and sometimes presents stable not only are you my dear traveler, you may file a businessman who is a few hours to sustain their better idea before a board, the architect who expects the mega work that has been built for a while to bear fruit or a student who feels nervous before an upcoming exam. It can be classified as stage fright before a trip, which is normal in the human body to be faced with a new challenge which is not known experimentally and which will venture, hoping that the results are as intended.

To face this new adventure that means knowing bogotá, suffice to say that before traveling has planned their movements, has evaluated the potential and meet unforeseen basic features where you are traveling. This will ensure your trip with a great success rate. The possible situations that may arise and which are discussed in subsequent links that will allow you to ensure success rate, making your trip is enjoyable and not be truncated by the lack of planning.

So should take into account variables such as climate, which must be consistent with the clothes that you previously enlisted in his suitcase, the local currency in colombia which governs the peso (cop) – -very stable political situation with their buts as in any other city in the world and places you will meet and where you are moving is vital to a pleasant trip.

Venture to become enchanted by the magic that has bogotá dc a city characterized by an endogenous historical legacy; exemplified by natural attractions in the eastern hills, wetlands and surrounding cities; for business tourism increasingly opens the door to a market opening; and the warmth of its people denoted by the kindness and love of receiving the best way to each visitor … welcome to my city!!!.


General characteristics:

  • climate. 4-20 degrees celcius
  • local currency. Peso (cop = colombian peso)
  • transportation. Transmilenio, sitp, taxis, private buses
  • social context. Modern city


Places you should not miss:


  • Monserrate
  • Salt cathedral or salt mine in nemocon
  • Gold and botero museum
  • Emerald and costums museum

Remember you can find these and many more options at


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