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Places to visit near Bogotá

Inside Bogota, it is possible to find a diversity of tourist sites, which show the essence of city life in the capital of Colombia. A city with around 8 million inhabitants, very active and multicultural. But if you are looking for another type of tourism and want more tranquility, find nature and live an experience different from those offered by the metropolis, there are several options for tourist sites near Bogotá, with a different tourist offer.

Places near Bogotá are highlighted, such as the towns of Nemocón, Choachí, Zipaquira and Villa de Leyva. Small and cozy towns, where you can enjoy and know their culture. Most of these towns are very close to Bogotá, just an hour away by car. Bogota Pass offers tours near Bogota to these and other destinations in its surroundings, so you can save time, money and live the best and most complete experiences, knowing Bogotá and its surroundings.


It is a town located 44 km away from Bogotá, surrounded by incredible landscapes, famous for its waterfall La Chorrera, which with its 590m high, is positioned as the highest in Colombia. You can visit natural parks and meet other important waterfalls such as Oscura and La Abuela, the viewpoint of San Antonio, visit Chusque and the cloud forest where you can see diversity of species of butterflies, birds and wild rabbits.

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It is known as the salt capital of Colombia, located 49 km away, very close to Bogotá. It has outstanding tourist attractions such as the Plaza de los Comuneros, the Nobel House and the Diocesan Cathedral. Within the city is located the salt cathedral, an underground temple built of salt stone. Along the way you will be able to appreciate religious sculptures in hand-carved salt rock and a magnificent illumination that transmits to the visitors the mystique of this important tourist place near Bogotá.

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Pozos azules

Villa de Leyva

Known for its colonial architecture, Villa de Leyva stands out as an important tourist destination near Bogotá. In the village you will enjoy an authentic gastronomy, museums, houses and churches in an environment that will transport you to the colonial era. In its surroundings you can visit outstanding places, with a high variety of ecosystems where the desert of Villa de Leiva, Lagos Azules, El Infiernito and the small town of Ráquira stand out.

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Within this small town, the Nemocon salt mine is located. A natural wonder that invites tourists to embark on a ride to the depths of the earth, more than 80 meters deep.

Visitors will be amazed by the incredible natural formations that are housed there, such as natural brine mirrors, the salt waterfall and the city of stalactites, along with hand-carved art pieces such as the Virgen del Carmen chapel and the camera of the heartbeat of lovers. This town is positioned among the most important tourist places near Bogota.

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