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Peace in Colombia
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Peace in Colombia

Just now, you as a tourist, a foreigner, resident of another country, you must be thinking that Colombia is a country that does not want peace and if you want to visit it, you can not be done because you may be at risk. BUT IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!



If you have scheduled your visit in the coming months to the country, there is no fear of why not come to Colombia. The country is as it was several years ago, it is in constant growth and development benefiting many people. It is true that Colombia are going through a historic moment, but it is taking it with confidence and security. We want the best for the country, and soon we hope a definitive agreement for a stable and lasting peace.

The country wants to start a new stage, great part of the nationals wants peace. As already mentioned, people who voted by NO, wanted a reform for some points of the peace agreements.

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“There is total tranquility so that you can enjoy our country. Additionally, with peace you can have more options in the country to visit them” 

On the other hand, it demonstrates the effort that the country is accomplishing to make the best decision. The Nobel Peace Prize, gave to Juan Manuel Santos, represents the effort and accompaniment of international entities in face of this great process. In recent days, a process is being carried out to endorse the new peace agreement and to be able to achieve the objective. A PEACE STABLE AND LASTING.

Tourism is one of the sectors that calls for signing of peace. The World Tourism Organization (OMT), travel agencies, hotels, operators and travelers are waiting for a final agreement. This will benefit many sectors, communities and destinations marked by violence by the FARC.

President Juan Manuel Santos spoke to tourism with this words “It has increased by 60 percent in  last five years. And when we sign the peace, it will increase at unsuspected levels. ” It is hoped  with the signing of the peace the number of tourists will increase, they change their image of Colombia from being a dangerous country to being a unique and unequaled place”.

Places like Guaviare, Meta, Cauca and Santander are some departments where  we want to develop initiatives towards tourism. “It is important to emphasize that Santos Government has invested more than 400,000 million pesos in infrastructure and other tourism projects”.

We invite you to travel through Colombia in total tranquility and discover all the wonderful things that the country can offer you.



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