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Panoramic Views of bogotá
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Panoramic Views

Bogotá is one of the biggest cities in Latin America and this is one of the reasons to want to visit and appreciate it from the top and enjoy the panoramic view and landscape. Tourists, visitors and the same people from Bogota usually go to these places in the morning to enjoy with friends and family and in the evening there are many groups of friends and couples to enjoy a romantic, pleasant and unique atmosphere.

For these activities you can have the opportunity to go with Bogotá Pass to places like:

La Calera where temperatures are low, but with a good hot wine the cold goes unnoticed. The rock of the love where you can see the eastern hills of Bogota It is called ‘Piedra del Amor’, because lovers are mentioned there to paint hearts or make oaths and spend a special moment.

El Cerro Elefante is higher than Monserrate and has the possibility of a walk, this place becomes one of the most great to appreciate the great capital, El Paraíso neighborhood viewpoint considered the best lookout in the city, and where many tourists, foreigners, journalists and onlookers have come to this mountain to fall in love with the Bogota scene. The viewpoint of Usaquen from there , you will observe in detail places like the Park the Country, Unicentro and even the traffic of the Seventh Race and finally Monserrate where your physical to go up there and be able to see in 130 degrees and you can enjoy typical foods and find incredible souvenirs, there you could also ascend from cable car and descend by funicular.



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