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Nemocon Salt Mine
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Nemocon Salt Mine

Sometimes people who visit Bogotá and surroundings go to the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira and return. It is a beautiful marvel that is worth knowing.

But just 25 minutes away is the Nemocón Salt Mine, a completely different natural attraction where visitors can find out the wonders that are in there like the heart or the Virgin of salt made by the miners who once worked in the mine.

In addition to the mine, visitors can find an archaeological museum with a collection of prehistoric pieces of much historical value because with them you can learn what types of species inhabiting this time in this area.

To get to the nemocón salt there are many ways:

1. Public transport from the central bus station:

The terminal is located in the “Salitre area” (near to salitre plaza shopping mall and Maloka). There you must locate the module 3 and the bus companies that go to Nemocón (some companies are Flota Zipa or Flota Alianza).The buses departures are every 20 minutes and the ticket price is $6,300 COP per person.

2. By Transmilenio:

This is another option, but you must to make a change of bus.

*You should go north of the city by transmilenio and get off at “Portal Norte” station.

*Inside the station please locate the buses heading to Zipaquirá, or ask if there a bus heading to Nemocón.

*If there is a direct bus to Nemocón take it and enjoy the ride; if not, take the bus heading to Zipaquirá.

*During the ride ask the driver or the attendant where you should get off in order to take the other bus heading to Nemocón.

*Please follow the driver or attendant instructions or locate the tourist information office in Zipaquirá at main plaza.

In summary to this option you should take 3 buses:

1. Hotel – Portal Norte Transmilenio Station.
2. Portal Norte Transmilenio Station – bus heading to Zipaquirá.
3. Zipaquirá – bus heading to Nemocón.

3. Nemocón Tour:

Bogotá Pass offers a tour to the Salt Mine Nemocón, where you can enjoy a comfortable tour van to pick you up at the hotel and will be accompanied by a guide that describes the scenery and everything you need to know about the mine and its surroundings. The entrances to the mine are included in the tour price.

More info here

The availability of this tour should be consulted 1 day in advance at


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