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Let’s talk about Bogotá
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Let’s talk about Bogotá

Greetings to all our Friends of  Bogotá pass; in this occasion we’ll talk about Bogotá and some important information:

Let us begin with some history:

Bogotá the capital of Colombia, is also the geographical center of the country. Located 2.598 meters above sea level, it stands on the Eastern edge of the sabana, a wide plain crossed from north to south by the Bogotá river which  flows out over the spectacular Tequendama Falls. The dry months go from december through march and the wettest are april and august through december.

Also is the center of goverment and seat of the executive, legislative and judiciary branches. Since 1954 it has been a metropolitan área, including urban districts of Usme, Bosa, Fontibón, Engativá, Suba and Usaquén.

The eastern flank of Bogotá is flanked by mountains. Two of them, Monserrate and Guadalupe are crowned with churches , and are main reference points. The Bogotá river is the western limit of the city. To the south are the foothills of the Páramo de Sumapáz, and to the north, farmland.

The city has a semi circle like shape,the central axis being Avenida ElDorado or calle 26. The numbering or the streets is based on a grid: the calles (sometimes diagonales) run from east to west, perpendicular to the hills. The carreras(sometimes transversales) are streets that run from south to north parallel to the hills. Numbering to the north starts at Calle 1 and to the west at Carrera 1. Numbering to the south of Calle 1 starts at Calle 1 S (sur) and to the east of Carrera 1 with Carrera 1 E (este)

The Autopista Norte, Autopista Sur, Calle 80, Calle 13 are the main access roads to Bogotá, besides there are two airports – as we talked already in previous blogs – El Dorado international airport and Guaymaral a private airport for light aircraft.

Finally we should emphasize that there is a railway system for freight and tourism across the sabana and telecommunications service are world-standard.

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