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Learning Spanish in Bogotá
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Learning Spanish in Bogotá

Whee Institute:

In recent years people from other countries have chosen Bogota to learn Spanish by the variety of learning methodologies, for the friendliness of its people and the tourist infrastructure in the city.

One of the most famous sites and friendly learning is “Whee institute” a place where foreigners can learn in a friendly and educational way the Spanish.

The groups are small and face methodology. People get together and talk about various subjects while learning about grammar and the main expressions.

Another method is more experiential learning and teaching where people go with a tour guide and walking the city streets get to know its history, secrets and wonders all in Spanish. This allows the visitor is immersed in the local culture and especially in the language.

Whee institute understands that people travel for many reasons, to experience something new, open their minds, learn more about themselves, and our goal is to be part of that journey as well as provide the skills to get the most out of your experience. Many students tell us that being able to communicate and express themselves is the most important factor, and we focus on providing you with the skills you need to do that (here and in any Spanish speaking country)!

Whee institute, its staff and its programs are now part of the group of allies in Bogota Pass.

For more information visit: Whee institute

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