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It’s just a myth
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It’s just a myth

Some people ask me many times the same thing: Is Bogotá a safe place? because I’ve heard that Bogotá is a dangerous city especially in La Candelaria

Fortunately I’ve had the pleasure to visit other cities in South América and United States as well, and I can tell you the following:

Bogotá is like “big cities” with problems like others, with traffic jams like others and obviously security issues like others, but don’t worry I don’t want to scare you, with these matters because Bogotá is a safe place to come and enjoy!!!.

First of all, when you’re planning to visit a new and unknown city, I recommend first visit the main reference tourism web sites like lonely planet, Nat Geo, Trip advisor or any specialized blog. Talking about Bogotá we suggest: or; surely there, you will find valuable information for instance: transportation, tours, survival and safety recommendations, sightseeing places, among other things.

With this valuable information, you can surely avoid some matters than maybe could cause you a bad experience; also a contact only recognized travel agencies with experience in tourism like BogotáPass; remember: “you get what you pay for”

When you arrive remember that Bogotá is located at 2.620 mts over the sea level, therefore if you coming from a lower altitude city, please take it easy because the altitude sickness can be a problem.

Remember that our team will be always ready to any requirement that you maybe have or any tourist information consultation.

Finally for more informaction about Candelaria, currency, safety tips, sightseeing and others please take a look our blogs and don´t hesitate in contact the best travel agency if you need more information. Bogotá Pass!!

Remember you can find these and many more options at


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