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International Emerald Museum
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International Emerald Museum

Emeralds are the best known and produced in Colombia gemstone. In the region of Boyacá it is where the increased production of this stone and most are exported to other countries.

In Bogota there is a specialized in emeralds museum where visitors can see the whole process of extraction of the mine, polishing, cutting and sale of each stone.

International Emerald Museum is located in the Santander park in the Avianca building on the 23rd floor, close to the Gold Museum.

The tour inside the museum is divided into three parts:

Screening of a video with a duration of seven minutes which shows by way of introduction such is life in the emerald mines, along a fascinating journey that passes through colorful and rugged landscapes of the Colombian Andes

On a tour of 27 meters simulating a tunnel with four original sites of tunnels where the principal mines of Colombia are as follows: Gachalá Chivor and Muzo Coscués.

There are located to the northeast of Bogotá, in the department of Boyacá, the emerald mines are located, with beautiful green color that attracts the entire world.

Remember we have a tour of emeralds where you can meet the entire process and you can also buy an emerald to take home.

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