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Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property
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Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property

The identity and cultural heritage is transmitted to present and future generations through the preservation of oral, written, artisan, architectural traditions and other artistic manifestations that preserve the legacy and are testimony to the societies and cultures that have existed and coexist today in the national territory. For this reason, it is great importance to develop management plans and actions that protect the cultural heritage.

The illicit traffic of cultural property is classified as the fourth world problem after drugs trafficking, weapons and protected species and is considered a threat to the security and identity of nations by convert the property into an object of a criminal business that enriches international networks of illegal trade.

According to the above, over the years it has become a subject and joint responsibility of the State and society with an emphasis on tourism providers who obtain direct benefit from the exploitation of cultural wealth during their tourist activities. For this reason, the social responsibilities have been integrated and compliance with Article 8 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, which states: “It is the obligation of the State and people to protect the cultural and natural wealth of the Nation.”

In Colombia, such actions to prevent and control this trafficking are promoted through the National Campaign against Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, which seeks to link different sectors and actors to create a common front in The patrimonial protection and consolidate an efficient and sustainable management of the property that constitute said patrimony.

Moreover, it is promoted in our current and future tourists adopt responsible behavior with the destination to visit. Valuing the cultural heritage of the local community is ideal in the development of tourism activities, do not face behaviors that are punished with current regulations. It seeks to raise awareness of the irreparable damage caused to Colombian communities by criminal acts, not only because it impoverishes their heritage but because it deprives construction and knowledge of history.

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