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How to travel by bus in Colombia
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How to travel by bus in Colombia

The best way to travel by Colombia, knowing its landscapes, its people, its gastronomy and much more is on bus.

Besides being cheaper than traveling by plane, buses now have some additional services like entertainment system, VIP lounges in some terminals and onboard service.

If you are in Bogotá you can go to the central bus station located in the neighborhood of “Salitre” either by taxi or public transportation. The terminal is divided into modules that determine the destination as follows:

  • Module 1: Destination to the south: Cali, Fusagasugá, Pasto, Ipiales, Armenia and Salento, Pereira
  • Module 2: Destination eastward: Medellin, Villavicencio.
  • Module 3: Destination to the north: Tunja, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Santa Marta. San Gil, Barichara, Villa de Leyva.
  • Module 4: (special destinations by taxi) Villavicencio, others
  • Module 5 Arrivals and taxis allocation

In addition at the terminal you’ll also find ATMs, cafes, restaurants, drugstores, banks and a public health office attending medical emergencies and providing the service for yellow fever vaccination when people travel to areas like the Amazon jungle.

We must clarify that for destinations such as Leticia (a city in the Amazon at the border with Brazil) there are no roads that communicate the city with Bogotá and other cities, so the only way to get there is by plane.

Remember that at some bus companies you have to pay in cash, because they do not receive credit card.

Besides if you need to change money, close to the bus station there is a shopping center named “Salitre Plaza”  where you can find several money exchange offices.

If you are not in Bogotá we suggest you locate the nearest main bus terminal in each capital city or small village. If you have questions about it or something else please ask at your hotel or locate the nearest Tourist information points.

Finally don’t hesitate in contact us if you have a question, because we provide tourist information from Bogotá and Colombia aswell.

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