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How to get to La Candelaria from the airport using public transportation
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How to get to La Candelaria from the airport using public transportation

Greetings to all our visitors:

Today the Bogotá pass team is going to tell you how to get to the downtown from the ElDorado International Airport or terminal 2 “Puente aéreo“.

First, we tell you that there are two airports which are located within the metropolitan area in Bogota: “ElDorado” where most domestic and international airlines operate; and terminal 2 or “Puente aéreo”, where some domestic Avianca flights depart. Some of those destinations are: Armenia, Bucaramanga, Barrancabermeja, Cúcuta, Florencia, Ibagué, Leticia, Manizales, Monteria Neiva, Pasto, Popayan, Riohacha, San Andres, Santa Marta, Valledupar, Villavicencio and Yopal.  Remember, others companies and flights depart and arrive in “El dorado International Airport”.

Finish that, let’s what concerns us at this occasion. If you’ve just arrived in Bogota and want to go to “La Candelaria” or historic center by public transport we present these two scenarios:

Domestic or international flights from “ElDorado”:

Unfortunately the offer of traditional public transport in the airport area is scarce towards the center, so Transmilenio becomes the only option.

Both, the arrival gate of domestic and international flights are on the first floor, so after picking up your luggage and walk out to the commercial area locate the area between gates 6 and 7 second road where transmilenio transfer bus and other public trasnportation buses are located. There, you will find a sign that indicates you’re in the right place.

The bus is a green colored and the number is “16-14 Aeropuerto” is a free service so you do not need to pay for its use; it will take you to the main station or Portal ElDorado from where Transmilenio buses depart to the historic center.

Once you arrive there, look for the ticket office and buy “tu llave” card, if you don’t have one it costs $5.000 COP and only need buy one for many people (tickets are not included). Then, charge it.

On the other hand If you have it, charge it with the tickets you will need during your stay (the tickets prices depend the hour you buy it, rush hour or not)

After crossing the register system access you should walk through a tunnel that takes you to the main platform where you can take the transmilenio bus with the letter “J6 Universidades”. The “universidadesstation is the last stop on the line and is connected to “Las aguas” station in ​​La Candelaria near to our office, there is no need to change bus.

The total distance from the “Portal El Dorado” to “universidades” station is more or less 30 minutes.

From terminal 2 or “Puente aéreo”

After picking up your luggage and walk out to the commercial area turns to your left towards the taxi area, where besides you will find ATM and car rental company. Then, you should walk down to the main avenue where the transmilenio transfer bus stops (It is signposted). Again wait for the green colored bus with the number “16-14 Aeropuerto” and take it without paying anything.

Remember that bus goes first to the airport to pick up other passengers and then returns to “Portal ElDorado”

Note: The recomendations for use our public transportation system you will find on a following blog named: “Public transport in Bogota.”

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