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How to exchange your money
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How to exchange your money

When you travel is very important to consider how to manage your money, payments, tips, food, transportations, many things in Colombia are with cash. In Bogotá,  there are plenty of exchange offices where you can use to exchange your money easily into the national currency. Casas de Cambio or Exchange houses are mainly in shopping malls, the airport, at Candelaria surrondings and other places that are mainly tourist.

Also, note that not all exchange houses handled the same values ​​for your money. These are some of the recommendations in order to get the best experience.

  1. Look for a currency converter so you have a base at the time of your change.
  2. Try to go to an area where there are several exchange houses, so that you can look at multiple options in order to choose the best.
  3. If you are going to exchange a lot of money, it is better to go with someone to accompany you and so do it in a safe and private place.
  4. In Colombia in recent months are starting to circulate $100,000 COP bills , be careful with these. sometimes is going to be very difficult to buy any stuff.
  5. You could call the Exchange houses to notice the rate. They don´t get mad!
  6. The official rate is called TRM (Tasa Representativa de Mercado) is imposed by the National Bank.(Look this source: $3.000 pesos/dollar the official rate. $200 less in a Exchange houses per dollar
  7. BUT if you buy with credit cards is regular shops, the currency they will charge you is the TRM (day) 

Please note that the airport is a little bit more expensive than malls and touristic places. Therefore, We recommend some places that are located in La Candelaria near the Bogotá Pass office (and gold museum), which will offer a good good currency.

1. Millennium Ltda.
Avenida Jiménez No. 5-43. Emerald Trade Center
Local 101
Phone: (+57) 3417455 –  (+57) 3417466

2. Investment Monaco

Avenida Jiménez No. 4-52. In front of Police Station

Phone: 3108993622 – 3204363535


Remember you can find these and many more options at


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