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Gringo Tuesdays
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Gringo Tuesdays

Bogotá is a modern city with endless possibilities for all visitors One city are activities at night; Rumba is characterized by its variety of rhythms and atmospheres and today we will show one of the most recommended to meet people worldwide sites.

Gringo Tuesdays is a proposal that comes from three people (Tiffany, Trevor and Alex) in 2011 come to Bogotá with the idea of ​​cultural exchange with local people.

This is how every Tuesday people of different nationalities gather to share anecdotes of his travels and expectations in the city.

Some foreigners gather to converse in Spanish with local people and get to know more about the language is difficult to learn for some Gringos tuesday and have learned Spanish in a fun and relaxed way.

On the other hand local people have come every Tuesday to practice their English, French, German or Portuguese with foreign people, so are improving their speaking skills and are losing the fear in public.

After talks and cultural exchange begins the party, and that is where the bonds of friendship are strengthened, because there until 3am different themes rumba, rumba is the best city on weekdays.

This new initiative is part of a select group of allies can expect to enjoy only the best tourism agency in the city: Bogotá Pass.

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