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Gringo Tuesdays
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Gringo Tuesdays

Bogotá is a city which have something for everyone, dancing, karaoke, beer pubs, cafes, but there is a very interesting activity for those who seek getting in touch with people from different countries and it is called gringo Tuesdays.

Gringo Tuesdays is a proposal created by three friends (Tiffany, Trevor and Alex) in 2011, they came to Bogotá with the idea of ​​a cultural exchanging with local people in mind.

This is why every Tuesday people with different nationalities gather to share anecdotes of his travels, the expectations they have about the city, or just to meet somebody new and hang out.

Some foreigners just want to speak in Spanish with local people in order to practice and learn in a more relaxed and interesting way, as it is a very good method to lose the fear of speaking in public in other language without the need of being in a language school.

After all the mingling, it is party time! Which means you can learn more than a different language here as Colombians are very famous for their dancing abilities, so have a couple of drinks and enjoy with all your new friends the rumba has just begun!

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