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Graffiti Tour
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Graffiti Tour

Among the variety of tours that are in the city is one that lately has stood out so much and is the graffiti tour.

With murals painted around the historic center by different artists expressing different views on political, social, cultural issues is a different option for tourists who want to experience the local culture.

Graffiti Tour is considered one of the best things to do in Bogota. All our guides share a love for urban art and are directly involved in the scene, either by actually painting on its walls, organising street art events, owning a urban art gallery and we know the artists personally that we are talking about.

Beginning in the historical center, walking through different streets where the guide is telling the characteristics of each mural, his painting technique and the message that the author wants to present. Then the route goes through the streets of x neighborhood, which has colorful murals, full of life and color.

After two hours the tour ends at the international center where the guide includes impressions, views of each of the visitors and those who want to give a donation to the guide is welcome.

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