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Gastronomic Tours in Bogotá
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Gastronomic Tours in Bogotá

For all people who want to know the typical food wise it refers to a city like Bogota.

Some years ago the people who came to Bogota just visited museums and major attractions like La Candelaria, the gold museum, botanical garden, park 93, the Zona Rosa and the surrounding, salt Cathedral of Zipaquira and Guatavita lagoon.

In recent years visitors to the city have become more exciting, experiential and memorable with the creation of “experiences” aimed at tourists depth knowledge of the local culture visiting the city of Tours come to a local restaurant , cafe, shop, or simply walk through the major sites of the city and are protagonists in their own tour.

Thus, the local cuisine has become a cornerstone in these tours. People who come to Bogotá have the opportunity to try foods from around the country made with different ingredients which can be put salty, sweet, spicy or with very particular tastes.
A gastronomic Tour Bogota Pass offers visitors is the world famous “Food by Foot“. A walking tour through the main streets of La Candelaria where visitors can taste several types of local food and learn to turn the history and stories that hide these foods.
Almojábanas, santafereño hot chocolate and cheese, Colombian empanadas, obleas, and many more are included in this wonderful and unforgettable tour that you can not miss on your next visit to Bogota.

On the other hand if you want to know the local culture from every angle you have to do this “All in one tour” This tour brings together several activities that you mostrarásn the city from a different perspective.

In this 3.5 hour tour we will test different types of local food; practicing the typical Colombian game “Tejo“; we will be ride in public transportation service and know the different facets of the city. This is a tour for all people who want to know the local culture and suddenly have spent little time but want to know all that Bogota has to offer.

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