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Free Tour Bogotá
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Free Tour Bogotá

Bogotá Free tour has become an excellent option for tourists who want to know the city easily.

The Bogotá free walking tour was created by a group of students passionate about their city and who wanted to show the most beautiful things the Bogotá has to offer. Each tour is done with the intention that the visitor feels like a local walking the city streets in a very relaxed way.

On the walking tour you’ll go through the main streets of the Candelaria and see historical attractions such as Plaza de Bolivar, the Colón Theater or Quevedo’s stream.

The Bogotá Free Walking Tour is represents an excellent introduction to the city with an  insightful, fun-filled and informative talk about history, Colombian society, architecture, places to go, cultural offer and what Bogotá citizens are actually like.

It lets you discover and experience our city through the eyes of the locals, bringing to life our cultural expressions, historical and representative institutions, our gastronomy, the tragedies that have changed the city and of course have fun.

Bogotá’s downtown takes you back in time when Spaniards came and started a new civilization. Discover with us what Bogotá has to offer and feel the ambiance of a city center in Latin America. Live our stunning, magnificent, romantic, charming, fun and friendly city! Welcome to Bogotá!

At the end of the tour the guide offers recommendations, safety tips, transport, and location address, and it is also the time for your voluntary tip, remember your contributions keep this wonderful tour alive.

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