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Bogotá a buffet made into a city
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Bogotá a buffet made into a city

Most cities in Latin America share different characteristics, their architecture, language and indigenous-Spanish heritage, but there is one particular point at which although similar in some respects, they differ in the background for everyone’s fortune and delight: their food.

In the different capitals, it is possible to find representatives from all over the world in terms of cuisine, and in this case I will talk a little bit about what I found when I visited the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

The first thing everyone looks for when they arrive in the city is a good restaurant where they can taste typical Colombian food, which is in itself something immense, however, and to give some order to my story, I’m going to start talking about it according to the moments of the day.


For breakfast, options vary. If what you are looking for is the typical SantaFerereño breakfast (i.e. bogotano), you can choose cocoa with arepa or bread, there are different types of arepa, white corn called peto or white corn, yellow corn with or without cheese (this delight itself would give for a complete blog), you can also choose the classic tamal, usually the Colombian tamale is made of corn and rice dough, accompanied by pieces of pork ribs, beef, bacon, chicken, peas and potatoes. Other more typical options in Bogotá are changua and rib broth. The changua, is a kind of broth with milk, onion, cilantro, potato and chicken egg, some people, like to add calado, the calado is a kind of dry bread, similar to toast, which goes broken and put into the broth once served. The rib broth, as its name suggests, has beef ribs, potatoes, onions and cilantro.

Lunch and/or dinner

Here, the options depend directly on your culinary preferences, but if we talk about typical food, the most popular choices are the paisa tray, the ajiaco, the sobrebarriga and the sancocho.

The paisa tray, which is a very rich dish in terms of ingredients and flavors, is a version developed by the restaurants of the classic paisa wrapped or the typical mountaineer, which were dishes intended to serve as lunch for the paisa farmers called arrieros or muleteers and whose workdays are usually long and arduous, which is why this dish includes red beans, ground beef, chorizo, black pudding, banana, rice, avocado and egg. This is usually served on large plates called trays (hence its name) and usually becomes a challenge for the tourist to finish it all, so much so that some restaurants offer smaller versions called mini paisas.

The ajiaco is a soup made up of chicken, potato and corn to which capers and cream of milk are usually added.

The sancocho, is a dish with so many versions that it would be impossible to finish, this given that it is not exclusive or typical only of Colombia but of all Latin America and the Caribbean, in Colombia, it is possible to be found, sancocho of pig, chicken, beef, fish or mixed, varying its preparation and ingredients according to the region of the country where it is prepared, in Bogota, usually you can find the chicken, fish or pork versions.

All this, added to the hundreds of desserts that can be tasted in the city, fruit sweets, brownies, cakes, ice cream… etc.

When you come to Colombia you will realize that the variety and quality of Colombian cuisine is almost infinite, and that there is always something for everyone, if you are looking for vegetarian, vegan, meat or seafood, I invite you to venture into the world of flavor and variety that is Colombian food!

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