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Flea Markets in Bogotá
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Flea Markets in Bogotá

For many years Bogotanians have visited these local markets located, the first one, in San Diego in downtown close to la Candelaria and lately in Usaquén.

The purpose?… Buy good priced used things for their homes like spoons, forks, plates, glasses, bells for the doors, coal irons or anything you need daily to housework.

The oldest flea market is located in San Diego neighborhood near to La Candelaria and it is open only on sundays and holidays and is in a parking lot where people can fin old stuff like: used clothes, long play discs, entertainment systems, handcrafts even tricycles for children and cars.

This flea market it is accompanied by the bikeway, where people can bring their bike, buy something there and continue their journey through the bike way towards Plaza de Bolivar or towards north part of th city.

This flea market is open from 8hs to 16hs every sunday and holidays, so keep in mind this schedule in order to schedule your day and enjoy all the attractions that offers the downtown.

On the other hand in the north part of the city, specifically in Usaquén neighborhood is located the Usaquén flea market. There, the visitor can find besides the same old things that you can find in the downtown, others like handcrafts, different stores, a good offer of restaurants even a shopping mall called Hacienda Santa Bárbara.

To get to this flea market you can go by bus, car, even by bike because this market is open also the sundays and holidays when the bikeway is working. Fortunately this special way for bikes connects the downtown with Usaquén; so if you get up early you can visit both -San Diego and Usaquén- flea markets using the bike and we can assure you that you will have a great tour through this areas those days.

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