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Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Carmen

Bogotá is cataloged as “the city of the churches” for its approximately 310 Catholic temples that are among its streets. The historic center of the city has the oldest churches, which create a splurge of history, culture and art due to its architectural designs, its stained glasses combined with wood and gold carvings.

The church of Carmen is popularly considered the most beautiful church in the city mainly because its Florentine Gothic architecture. There are few of this type found in the capital, but this one has a magical touch that makes the parishioners and tourists sigh when they enter.

Its history begins from the seventeenth century where the first temple of the Virgen del Carmen was sacked and the nuns banished by the national army. Until 1874 they sent Salesians directly from Italy to consecrate the first Salesian College of Bogota Leon XIII and to help the Carmelite nuns to build their new temple of veneration, which gives place to the architects and the funds to be distinctly Salesian.

The blessing of the first stone was made in 1926, ending its construction in 1938, where the inauguration was made by a Bishop who came from Ibague to sanctify the long-awaited sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen. Today they have made music videos for the spectacular facade and hundreds of tourists come annually to admire and take beautiful photographs for their memories.

If you want to know more about the history of this National Heritage, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a tour of the center and the rest of our Bogota. Dare to admire an incomparable temple that breaks the colonial air that reigns in the candelaria!

A National Heritage that will delight your eyes.


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