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Discovering Colombia
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Discover Colombia

Colombia is a country recognized by the charisma of its people, beautiful landscapes, all kinds of weather, and of course its delicious food.

If you are thinking about visiting Colombia, you will find wonderful things and new experiences in every corner of the country; From Cabo de la Vela in the north of the country to Leticia in the south. You will find the unbelievable!

BOGOTÁ, the country’s capital, offers you a wide range of things to do, like visiting La Candelaria in the center of the city, it’s a place filled with history, beautiful architecture, culture and great restaurants, here, you will find more than 15 museums of all kinds, history, architecture, sea, art, typical clothing, army and much more.

Monserrate, Chorro de Quevedo, and Plaza de Bolívar, are places that you can’t miss. Another focus point, is the gastronomic variety that the city has, you will find amazing places to enjoy excellent food, and there is something special for every taste.

Close to the city, there are places to visit such as The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira a unique place which design and beauty amazes everyone, the Salt Mine located in Necomon also offers you a fascinating experience. And if you want to be more in contact with nature there are options like Chicaque Park, Suesca, Tobia, and Villa de Leyva, among others.

After visiting the capital, you can improve you experience visiting more beautiful cities like Medellín and Cartagena.

Medellín, is a very innovative city, characterized by its warm people, nice weather and for being the birthplace of painter Fernando Botero, one of the most important painters and sculptors in the world, and considered the most important Latin-American artist alive, the square in the city which bears his name is a very important place in the city as some of his most representative pieces of art are there.

The Fair of Flowers is celebrated there, beautiful “silletas” which are gorgeous flower arrangements made by local people can be seen on parade. Some other places you can visit are the Explora Park, Pueblito Paisa, Laguna de Guatape, Botero Square, Lleras Park and Arvi Park.

Cartagena, is a city located in the Colombian Caribbean. This destination, highly praised for its Walled City, preserves on its streets and old houses the history and culture of our ancestors, one of the most important ports of its time and headquarters of several battles between pirates from Europe and the locals. Another important place here is the San Felipe castle from where you can have a wonderful sight with a sunset along the Caribbean Sea. You can also visit places like Rosario islands and the Popa convent.

San Andrés y Providencia, are two beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea where the color and transparency of the sea that surrounds them called “the sea of ​​7 colors” makes them a true nature marvel worth seeing, and its people are famous for their smile and great attitude towards everyone.

Cali, is a wonderful city in the Pacific, famous for its salsa dancers who have been world champions multiple times, this amazing kind of music has been a way to express the feelings and thoughts of all the people in the Caribbean. At the end of the year, Cali´s Fair is held, an event where people can enjoy gastronomy, culture and the best salsa artists worldwide. We recommend you visit Cristo Rey and Cali’s Zoo.

Nuqui, is a paradise where you can appreciate the arrival of the whales from June to October, it is a unique event in the world.

In the southern part of the country there is “El Eje Cafetero”, there you will see the astonishing landscapes of the coffee plantations where the best coffee of the world is grown. The local farms with their unique styles and culture. A green world, where you can find a place called Salento, this place was declared a cultural heritage of humanity and a mandatory place to try some delicious trout.

Finally, the great Amazon rainforest, a place with a great variety of fauna and flora that will blow your mind. In addition, you will get to know the unique culture of our indigenous ancestors, those tribes have preserved their customs and traditions for years, and it is a culture to discover, respect and learn from.


This is a bit of all the uncanny things that Colombia offers you.

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This is a bit of everything that Colombia can offer you.

Go ahead and visit this country, you will not regret it.

We will be waiting for you with open arms.

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Discover Colombia.


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