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Colombian Coffee
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Colombian Coffe

The Colombian Coffee has emerged as one of the most famous in the world for its taste and texture.

The best known is the variety that comes from the region of Armenia, Pereira and Manizales and here much of the production to the main exporting countries in the world.

In recent years coffee has changed their home regions over land heading height as Boyaca, Huila and Nariño. You are the last two regions have been highlighted by the new production of coffee with a more acidic and strong texture. In the case of Nariño has a volcanic flavor that makes it different from the others that are usually sold in stores.

There are coffee shops in the city that adopted the new concept with new techniques and providing all the flavor offered by this point. These stores buy directly to the owner of the farm, coffee production, making a valuable social work.

Recommended Colombian coffees are: Coffee Nariño, Huila, Cundinamarca and Boyaca region. These varieties are available in coffee shops like: Azahar, San Alberto, Café de la Chata or Arte y Pasión.

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