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Chorro de quevedo square
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Chorro de Quevedo Square

Today I went to El chorro de Quevedo, it is a little square in the historical neighborhood La Candelaria, it is a place that surprises you with its beauty and enchant.

To get there, I took a little narrow street properly named callejón del embudo (funnel street) it is a cobbled street filled with gorgeous street art, small handcraft shops, cafes with delicious Colombian coffee and desserts, where you can also try the famous coca tea which I was told is really good for altitude sickness and tiredness, so I tried some and it was quite good, not different from some other herbal teas you may have tasted before.

There are also bars where you can listen to all kinds of music and have some beers, the local liquor aguardiente and a traditional beverage called chicha, it is made out of fermented corn and has quite a rich taste but be careful! If you are not used to this kind of drinks it may disagree with your stomach, so I recommend you to try a little before getting too excited with it!

I continued my way to the square and I was surprised with the colors and the relaxed environment of the place, it is a meeting point for students and tourists as well, you can find storytellers, musicians and artisans, there is a beautiful fountain in the middle a small church (in which according to the local urban legends a couple of ghost friends gather at midnight) and several cafes. It all makes it a great point to stop and take a rest, read a book have a coffee and chill out.  

The square has also a historical meaning, according to some versions it is related or is the actual foundation point of Bogotá, I was told that in 1538 a little settlement consisting of a small church and twelve huts was built in there.

It is also a great point of entrance to La Candelaria and all the great places it has, so if you are coming to Bogotá, don´t forget to pay a visit to this nice and cool little place!

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