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My Candelaria Walking Tour experience
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Curious, symbolic and safe, those are the three most representative words of the tour that I took in the historic Center of Bogotá thanks to Bogotá Pass travel agency. In addition to being very attentive before arriving to Colombia, during the tour and after it, they gave me the opportunity to get to know La Candelaria with an excellent tour guide who stayed with us the three hours of walking.       

We did the Candelaria Tour with another family, although we also had the possibility of enjoying a private tour. It was a very pleasant moment that I recommend for any traveler, to visit the most emblematic and significant spaces of the capital city of Colombia.

Our tour began with the Gold Museum, a museum that exhibits more than thirty-four thousand (34,000) pieces of gold that Colombians were able to preserve after their independence from the Spaniards and which tell legends and stories of the ancestral communities that owned that gold.
We continue through a beautiful square called Parque Santander, there is a relaxing fountain water, some points of commerce and a statue of General Francisco de Paula Santander, participant in the battle for the independence of Colombia.
Then we visited a church built in the 1550s, and it carries a fascinating history as it shows how the Spanish colonizers had established the Christian religion with power and strength. Passing that church, we found a monument to someone who marked the history of the country, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán, a leftist who hoped to retake the  justice and quality of life the people needed, however, they told us that he was killed by the radical opposition which had a strong  power at that time, it sparked chaos throughout the city because that act was taken as an attempt to destroy justice and democracy in the country.

In that part of the journey I realized that I had a different idea of ​​Colombians, because I never thought they would fight so much for their country and although they have been ruled by  people who do not show affection and concern for Colombia, they continue having a great smile and always showing their hospitality.

We started walking towards the eastern hills, which from the place where we were, they look surprising and impressive because of their height and natural beauty. In addition, in the entire top of the hill that can be seen from this place, there is a church (Monserrate) and two restaurants that, according to the guide, are very nice, comfortable, and with a panoramic view of the entire city.

We continue walking in the same direction along some streets filled with artistic murals that represent interesting stories and citizen criticism, after a few minutes, we reached the renowned Chorro de Quevedo and Callejón del Embudo, a place where Bogotá is believed to be founded and which stands out to show characteristics of what was a town in the old Santafé de Bogotá. With few houses, a central fountain that gave water to the inhabitants of the community and a small church. Nowadays, it is a beautiful space full of cultural encounters, sale of handicrafts, artistic murals, and commercial establishments of typical ancestral drinks and Colombian gastronomy. We also had the opportunity to experience traditional and ancestral drinks, such as Chucula, Chicha and Coca Tea.

A few minutes later, we went through other beautiful places such as the Cultural block, where the Botero Museum, three other museums and the Luis Ángel Arango Library are located. We finished our tour about not far from the Chorro de Quevedo, in the Plaza de Bolívar, which has in its center a statue of the maximum general of the independence Simón Bolívar, and its surrounded by very important buildings, among these are the Congress of Colombia, the house of Nariño (home of the country’s president) and a beautiful church called Catedral Primada de Colombia.

I can only finish this comment about my experience by saying that this area of ​​Bogotá gave me surprises that I never thought of. I was able to experience new flavors, thoughts reflected in art and culture, traditions of its inhabitants, events that transcend the years, beautiful preserved spaces and a great kindness from the guide and all the inhabitants with whom we interacted. It is an experience that I would love to relive, thank you Bogotá Pass,!


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