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Audio guides in Bogotá!
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With the possibilities we have today to travel the world, it was time for technology to do us a favor of being able to access all the cultural and tourist information of the place where we are going; just by pressing the play button on our Smartphone. In Bogota Pass we have an excellent alternative for travelers who want to travel to their own environment, our beautiful capital and its surroundings. Forget about an itinerary set with a time limit on your tour, visit the museums you want, the most important emblematic streets and information on where to buy souvenirs and eat the best typical food.


Get to know the center of the Bogota city without any effort, this revolutionary tourism tool allows you to learn in a free way the unforgettable history from the pre-Columbian era, to the present day of our country. It goes through historical monuments, colonial landscapes, pleasant environments and even restaurants where Simon Bolivar himself used to eat. If you want to know on your own, audio guides are an excellent option since you do not need a physical guide, the information is in your hand completely free.


On the other hand, if you get to take an incredible shared/grupal tour with us, the audio guides will be of excellent help, since you can repeat as many times as you want the clear information that you have about different parts of Bogotá and the town of Zipaquirá, and thus make your trip an unforgettable experience.


Colombia is a country full of history that is waiting for visitors like you, to go step by step through its ancestral corners and with the help of Bogota Pass you can do it in the best way; yours.

To access our audio guides you only need a free tourist map of Coupon Travel, open your cell phone camera, read the barcode and you’re done!

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