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What to do and can’t be missed in Bogotá
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What to do and can’t be missed in Bogotá

When people have little time to spend in the city either because they have a connection to another city or their itinerary does not disclose any Bogotá, here we will show you must visit when time is short.

Here are some options according to your time and expectations:

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Candelaria and Monserrate

Located 30 minutes from ElDorado International Airport by taxi is an excellent choice for people who love museums, parks and want to know the history of the city.

  • Recommended product: Candelaria and Monserrate walking tour.
  • Estimated time: 4hs
  • Sightseeing places: La Candelaria, gold museum, Plaza de Bolívar, Monserrate, Botero museum.

93th Park, Zona Rosa and Usaquén

Located 1 hour from the airport is an area for those who do not like museums and historical center; Bogotá offers a modern, cosmopolitan, contemporary area and many sites there especially for evenings and nights.

  • Recommended products: Shake your senses / Coffee baptism / City tour /Bike tour
  • Sightseeing places: 93th park, Zona Rosa, Usaquén, Zona G, Zona T.

Natural area (Simón Bolivar Park and Botanical Garden)

Located 25 minutes from the airport is for those who want to be in contact with nature, walking, bird watching and discover the flora of all Colombia.

  • Recommended product: City tour / Bike tour
  • Estimated time: 4hs
  • Sightseeing places: Simón Bolívar park, botanical garden, Virgilio Barco public library, Salitre Mágico fun park.

City tour

For those who want to visit all the city and just have a few hours, but then want to come back. The tour is done by car or a van (depending on number of passengers).

  • Recommended product: City tour
  • Estimated time: 4hs
  • Sightseeing places: La Candelaria, International center, Usaquén, Zona Rosa, Zon G, Zona T, 93th park, Football stadium, botanical garden, Simón Bolivar Park.
  • Extra activity: Coffee tasting in a coffee store at 93th park.


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